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Before we became parents, we had no idea how much we would worry about them. Then we remember all the crazy stuff we survived as children. Save yourself some worry and let’s check a few of those things off your list. Here are 5 things I don’t worry about because my kids see a chiropractor.

1. Ear infections

Ear infections are not a bacterial problem. They are a drainage problem. The way a stagnant pond will attract and allow bacteria to thrive, fluid sitting in the ear is prime breeding grounds for bacteria to grow and populate. Tubes are a valiant idea, except that every child has a tube in their ear designed to drain fluids into the throat. All you have to do is get that tube to work as intended. Enter chiropractic.

The C1 nerve root supplies the muscle that allows the tube to open and close (like when you yawn and feel the pressure change in your ears, or on an airplane when your ears pop). Chiropractic is a method of assessing and correcting mal-alignment of the bones in your spine thereby allowing the nerves to flow more freely. (If you mess with an electrical cord, the light may flicker). In other words, get your kids adjusted to help the ears drain. I also recommend an ear drop like Wally’s Natural to create an unfavorable environment for infections. This also can help with ear pain so they can fight off an infection on their own, without repeated doses of anti-biotics. I don’t worry about ear infections, and my kids have never had one.

2. Fevers

Fevers are the only thing proven to kill viruses and mobilize your immune system to attack any active infection. It has anti-tumor properties and too many other benefits to list here. Yes, fevers suck. They make you achy, sweaty and can be dehydrating. Every medical and physiology text book published support the benefits of fevers in creating an immune response but they’ve gotten a bad rep. Fevers don’t mean you are more contagious than someone who doesn’t have one and being on a course of anti-biotics with a fever does not make you less “contagious”. Bottom line, fevers are beneficial, and because my kids get adjusted when they have fevers I don’t worry about the fever. I have every faith in their body’s ability to fight that infection. In our family, if we have symptoms we support them with lots of fluids, getting adjusted, and lots of rest. There is nothing I can put into their bodies to make that go away faster.

3. Germs

Have you ever wondered why some people are prone to getting sick while others seem to have a steel immune system that nothing can get past? Well, it’s no accident! The more germs you are introduced to, the stronger your immune system. Every time you use an antibiotic, you weaken your immune system. A visit to your chiropractor has been shown to improve your immune system response. In other words, when you get adjusted as part of a healthy lifestyle, you’ll have fewer colds and infections. Of course, you still need to make sure you eat for success and minimize your sugar intake, get plenty of sleep and de-stress regularly. I don’t worry about germs because I know my kids are well adjusted and I know if they do show symptoms, it means their immune system is getting stronger.

4. Genes

If  my health and therefore the health of my kids was dependent on genes, I’d be powerless to affect it. We MUST get this belief out of our brains and our vocabulary if we are ever going to be successful at making a change. It has never set well with me the idea that we are programmed to get sick. Evolutionarily it just doesn’t make sense. Hasn’t it always been survival of the fittest?  There is an area of research which is proving that genes play a much smaller role than we ever thought. Epigenetics is the study of the cellular environment. What it shows is that the environment of your cells whether healthy or unhealthy has the ability to turn on and off genes as an adaptive mechanism. I don’t worry about bad genes because we are no longer powerless to change it. It is our lifestyle that affects our health far beyond. What a relief!

5. Accidents and Injuries

I don’t worry about my kids getting hurt. Didn’t we learn the hard way? I fell out of a tree and broke my arm, but after it healed I was right back up there. Sometimes I’m amazed that my brother and I made it to adulthood. Kids fall down. Kids get hurt. But I don’t keep my kids from being kids to avoid that risk. I just make sure they get their adjustment when they do and I know they will be okay. Don’t get me wrong, if the bone is broken, I’m going to the ER. But the human body is so amazing that even if a bone is broken, it will heal. In fact our bodies are pretty resilient. Chiropractic care ensures that kids are growing and developing appropriately. There isn’t a more important time to get adjusted than when a body is actively growing.


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