We can’t describe it… why we love coffee so much. It’s not just the flavor, it’s not just the caffeine kick. It’s the smell and the experience. I get it, but can drinking too much coffee make you have to go to the chiropractor more?

Coffee, while very tasty, is very acidic and it causes a state of acidity in the body when consumed daily. Acid/Base balance in the body is something that is closely monitored. Any deviation from ideal is considered a state of emergency. Some people are very sensitive to this delicate dance between acid/base also known as the pH balance. Some will feel inflamed or in pain, others may experience reflux or changes in stools. Over time, it may contribute to underlying low-grade global inflammation within the body. Inflammation has been linked with heart disease, arthritis, and many other chronic conditions. While coffee is not the only cause of acidity or inflammation, it can be a major contributor. Because coffee is a diuretic, it also can be very dehydrating. Inflammation is a major contributor to arthritis (inflammation of the joints). Talk to your doctor and the outlook for arthritis is bleak. Talk to your chiropractor, and we may have some solutions.

What’s the solution?

I recently discovered chicory coffee, also known as Herbal coffee. It’s caffeine free and has none of the acidity that regular coffee has. It’s also delicious! Use it mixed half/half with regular coffee or replace it altogether. Why not just use decaf? Coffee is naturally caffeinated, so to get the caffeine out, chemicals are required and may actually be more acidic than regular coffee! Don’t forget to visit your chiropractor to keep your joints moving. This will also help with arthritis and other joint pain.

Herbal Coffee