Okay, Columbia folks! Who doesn’t love a great adjustment from their chiropractor? But one of the big complaints is that “I have to keep coming back”. Follow these top 10 strategies for better posture, better spinal health and hopefully less trips to your chiropractor.

10. Choose the right shoes.

You will be less likely to be a victim to the snow and ice when you opt for a shoe with good tread. Ladies, choose flats over heels which dramatically alter posture. We highly recommend runners called “zero-drop” shoes which don’t elevate the heal.

9. Ditch the office chair.

Instead sit on an exercise ball or better yet stand. Sitting to the spine is like smoking for the lungs. Start by using the ball or standing for 20 minutes at a time and work up to more time.

8. Stop self manipulating!

While it may feel good in the moment, you are doing more harm than good and will end up requiring more adjustments in the long run. Leave the adjustments to a trained expert please.

7. Turn off the TV.

Opting for family activities that move your body will keep you AND your kids with healthier spines. Movement is more than just something you do to lose weight. It is essential to your joints, slows aging, builds better relationships, and so much more.

6. Got Abs?

Building a strong core is essential to stabilizing the spine, particularly the low back and will protect you from many injuries. The “core” muscles are basically all the muscles between your rib cage and pelvis and include both your abdominal and spinal muscles.

5.Grab a mat!

When done correctly, slowly and controlled, Yoga is one of the best activities for your whole body. Many injuries (although not all) can be improved with deep stretching and strengthening poses.

4. Workout with a friend or trainer.

Having someone to spot you, coach you, and encourage you through workouts will decrease your chances of injury during exercise. Exercise, when done safely shouldn’t cause injuries, though it may reveal old ones.

3. Don’t overlook the dietary link.

Eating a pro-inflammatory diet has been linked with all types of arthritis and joint pain. Minimizing intake of grains while increasing healthy fats, fruits, and vegetables has been shown to have positive effects on inflammation and pain.

2. Kick a Bad Habit.

Smoking dehydrates your intervertebral discs and leaves them brittle and vulnerable to injury. Kick that habit now, before you have permanent damage and we become friends for life.

1. Get your regular monthly maintenance adjustments.

While this may seem counter intuitive to staying out of a chiropractic office, people who receive their monthly check-ups had less flare-ups and symptoms requiring intense treatment protocols.

Don’t get me wrong, we love seeing you! Doing each of these things does not guarantee you will never have an injury requiring care, but will minimize your chances of injury, and improve your quality of health!


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