Chiropractic for Infants is not a trend or a fad. It’s essential!

Every pregnancy is different. Every birth is different. Every child is different. Oliver’s story ignited my passion for working with pregnancy and with new babies as a pediatric chiropractor.

As a chiropractor I believe EVERY new baby should have his or her spine checked after birth. After Oliver’s birth, I KNOW that every baby should be checked. Here’s why…

As a chiropractor I have seen the apparent miracles that a simple, non-invasive adjustment can bring about. I’ve adjusted hundreds of children and babies. I have studied the body endlessly and have an immense respect for the systems and abilities of the human body. Through this study I have learned not to interfere with a natural process. Pregnancy, labor and birth is cyclical. It has it’s own process that we cannot fully comprehend. It has a start and a stop.

We had already had one successful home-birth with our first son. With an uneventful pregnancy, we had no reason to believe we couldn’t have a very successful home-birth with our newest addition, whom we hadn’t yet met.

We planned a home water birth, the same as before and had our birth kit and tub ready to go. When I went to work that Friday morning I knew he would be born that evening. So I went home to nap.

Contractions started easy and built up to strong but manageable. I prepared myself for a long and slow labor. I was even looking forward to it.

But at 3:00am I felt something that I didn’t expect. A baby as coming out and there wasChiropractor Columbia, MO no stopping him.

Thank goodness my midwives had arrived and were ready to go, Oliver came out on his own with no pushing or strain into the warm water. I was very emotional, but I brought him up to my body to meet him. He was instantly beside himself. He cried and cried, loud and inconsolable. Not being in a hospital, there were no procedures to accomplish or testing to be done. I was able to put him straight to the breast, but even that did not comfort him. We wrapped up together in warm blankets and moved to the bedroom, still attached. I continued to try to console him.

Chiropractor Columbia, MOAt this moment, his daddy decided we better check his neck for any birth injuries or problems. It all happened so fast and easy, surely there couldn’t be anything wrong with him, could there?

Dr. David Winarski, aka daddy took him in his arms and delivered the most gentle, loving adjustment to the first bone in his neck. From anyone else’s perspective he just held his finger on the bone behind his ear with gentle pressure. He didn’t even have a name yet, but he melted into a calm quiet sleep. We snuggled up and took a nap.

Oliver is now the most easy going, happy, loving one-year-old I’ve ever met. But I can’t help but wonder what happens to babies like him who cried, but don’t get the chiropractic care they need. There was nothing wrong with him. He didn’t need a blood test, the NICU, a bottle or a medication. His cord pulled tight over his shoulder as he entered the world which caused a subluxation in his neck.

He needed adjusted! I am eternally grateful for everything chiropractic has given our family.

But what about other families? We recommend every baby be checked by a pediatric chiropractor within 24 hours after birth to rule out any birth injuries. We are testimony to the fact that even in the most well-prepared, easy births things can happen. The earlier the better, but as most chiropractors do not have hospital privileges, as soon as you leave is second best. For the families we take care of, we offer every new infant a free chiropractic check-up within two weeks of birth.

Access to care and education is vital! Please share this with someone else who is expecting a little one or who has given birth recently. If your baby is crying for no apparent reason, get your child checked by a pediatric chiropractor! Babies cannot communicate what they are experiencing. Babies only know to cry when something isn’t right.

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