Essential Health Tips

Tips On How To Stay Healthy


Here are several things you can do to help keep you healthy during the pandemic, or any other time really!

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5 Simple Stretches To Alleviate Back Pain


Quarantine got you working from home? Here are 5 stretches you can do in your makeshift home office to help alleviate back pain.

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Preventing Heart Disease and Stroke with Omega-3 fats


I LOVE to dance!

I was enrolled in dance at a very young age, and I used to dream about being a ballerina when I grew up. The problem was that I didn’t LOOK like how a ballerina is supposed to look. I was a tubby wubby kid that grew up into a tubby wubby adult. My parents were never particularly health conscious, so naturally I wasn’t either. By the time I moved out on my own in my early 20s I didn’t know anything about nutrition, and heck, I barely knew how to cook for myself. My diet consisted of a lot of cereals, ramen, frozen TV dinners, and toaster pastries. Even when I did start learning how to cook it was things like pancakes and spaghetti. I had the stereotypical idea of what health and nutrition was supposed to look like in America. I kinda-sorta watched what I ate but not really (because calories are all the same, right?), and I had a gym membership where I would go in and walk on the treadmill for 20 mins then I would leave frustrated when there weren’t any changes to my physique. Obviously, I had a lot to learn!

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To X-ray or not to X-ray


How many chiropractors have you been to in your life? One? More than one? (If your answer is zero, think about other physicians you’ve visited, such as a medical doctor or a dentist.) Perhaps you found the perfect chiropractor for you and had no desire to go anywhere else, or maybe you’re still looking for the right one. Whichever the case, I want you to do something for me. I want you to think…hard…about what your thoughts were going into a chiropractic office for the very first time. Did you know what you were getting yourself into? Did you have NO idea what to expect so everything was a pleasant surprise? Chances are if you’ve visited multiple chiropractic offices you noticed that no 2 clinics are the same. Why is that?

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