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Knee Pain Chiropractors in Columbia, MO

Knee Pain Treatment in Columbia, MO

The knee is a critical joint for your body. It’s responsible for part of your ability to walk and stand and acts as a shock absorber when you’re living your life. Because of this, it’s a joint that handles high stress and can be at risk of injury. Knee injuries usually happen during athletic or physical activity, but it doesn’t have to be. 1-in-3 Americans will deal with knee pain at some point, and knowing what to do with it is important. Many different aspects of the knee joint can be causing your pain. Whether it’s muscles, tendons, bones, ligaments, and nerves, correcting the root cause is essential to long-term relief.

Many people don’t get help from their local chiropractors and then become one of the almost one million knee replacements done every year. It’s not their fault; most people don’t know that we can help relieve knee pain safely and effectively. We opt for conservation, non-invasive care that addresses the root cause of the pain to avoid unnecessary knee replacement surgery. Resolving it is different for every person, but we have a few tools we use in our office. We start with adjustments, use traction tables, shockwave therapy for scar tissue, and then add different office therapies and a customized exercise program. Attacking the issue from multiple angles ensures you get the best results possible.

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How Our Knee Pain Care Plan Works

1. Assessment

We begin with a thorough examination of the patient’s knee alignment, gait, and posture. Evaluate range of motion, pain points, and potential contributing factors.

2. Manual Techniques

Utilize gentle manipulations to target affected knee structures, including fascia, joints, and muscles. Employ mobilization and soft tissue techniques to alleviate tension and improve circulation.

3. Exercise Plan

Design a tailored regimen focusing on stretching and strengthening the calf, tendons, and knee joint. Emphasize gradual progression, providing exercises that enhance flexibility, stability, and overall knee function.

How We Treat Knee Pain in Columbia, MO

Comprehensive Health History and Exam

You’ll get the chance to sit down with the doctor to discuss your concerns. They will work with you to start identifying the root causes of your pain. During the thorough exam, the doctor will complete a set of tests, including palpation, chiropractic checks, orthopedic tests, neurological testing, and even X-rays if necessary. They then present that information to you so you know exactly what is going on and what it will take to get that knee fixed.

Chiropractic Care for Knee Pain

The knee is crucial; like all joints, it can stop working correctly. When it stops working properly, it can cause nerve issues, resulting in pain, the joint breaking down, and arthritis. Adjustments clear this issue and ensure the nerves function at their best so you can function at your best. Improving range of motion and decreasing inflammation prevents the injury from getting worse and prevents future knee injuries.

Shockwave Therapy

The muscles that support your knee get stressed during any injury. The muscle’s response to that stress is to scar, forming thick, fibrous, or calcified tissues, leading to more pain and increasing your susceptibility to more injuries. Shockwave Therapy sends sound waves into your muscles to break up this scar tissue, leading to a joint that works for you and not against you.

Custom Knee Pain Exercise Plan

Once we assess your needs, we put together a custom exercise plan. Everyone’s a little different, and the cookie-cutter plans aren’t always best for YOU. The knee requires balance to function at its best. This means strengthening the muscles that stabilize the knee and relieving tension on other muscles to improve mobility. This way, we can not only work to correct your issues but also provide you with the tools to prevent any future episodes or know how to handle them if a new injury happens.

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Kathy Lee
Kathy Lee
I fell on the ice. They got me in right away and also scheduled me for a follow up the next day. Now, I hit that ground hard when I fell, but I am still amazed at the speed and quality of my recovery after their careful care, evaluation and guidance.
Leslie Garcia
Leslie Garcia
Love getting adjusted and Dr Squires is amazing! All the doctors are great. I highly recommend coming here.
Jan Ritter
Jan Ritter
Love this place. They keep me healthy and pain-free.
Connie Coil
Connie Coil
I have been going to Family First Chiropractic for approximately 12 years. They have helped me through numerous issues and I will continue to use them for my chiropractic care.
Julie Borders
Julie Borders
Kind people. Very accommodating with scheduling changes.
Maria Trevor
Maria Trevor
I have been seeing Dr.Kelli for 11 years. Great help in alleviating pain and setting my back and neck straight. I see her monthly as part of my wellness routine, but I started with her due to back pain in late pregnancy. She has been absolutely wonderful over all these years!
Autumn Eads
Autumn Eads
My first appointment as a patient was amazing! Doctors are very thorough and strive to make everyone as comfortable and informed as possible. I’ve enjoyed my time working with these people.
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Common Causes of Knee Pain in Columbia, MO


The ACL is a vital ligament to the knee joint. It plays a crucial role in stabilizing the joint during running, jumping, and pivoting. Unfortunately, ACL injuries are common, especially in the wide world of sports. These injuries result in pain, swelling, instability, and a compromised ability to participate in physical activities.

Depending on the severity, conservative chiropractic adjustments can manage the injury along with a custom-tailored exercise plan to fit your needs. Otherwise, a surgical consultation might be necessary to stop further damage to the joint.

Patellar Tendinitis (Jumper’s Knee)

Patellar tendinitis, or “jumper’s knee,” is a common overuse injury. The patellar tendon connects your kneecap to your shin bone and is subject to a lot of repetitive stress. These repetitive stresses on the tendon cause slight tears, leading to pain, tenderness, and swelling below the kneecap. This is most common in athletes but can affect anyone doing a recreational activity.

Runner’s Knee

Runner’s knee is common among people doing repetitive activities like running or cycling. These activities cause normal joint stress, but repetitive use can exacerbate joint and nerve issues. It is common to hear or feel creaking or popping along with some stiffness. The pain is similar to Patellar Tendinitis in how and where you feel it. However, the cause of pain is inflamed rather than torn soft tissue.

Torn Meniscus

The meniscus sits between your shin and thigh bone to help the knee move smoothly and act as a shock absorber. It is injured through forceful movement, lifting heavy, or everyday wear and tear over time. It is common to see this injured along with the ACL or MCL ligaments if a sudden event happens. A torn meniscus is painful, can swell up, feel stiff, and have a lot of popping, clicking, or grinding. Most people report difficulty moving the knee easily or even have spells of it “locking up.”


Osteoarthritis is the most common form of arthritis. This is degenerative arthritis, which leads to worsening joint pain and mobility and eventually to fusion of the joint. Arthritis is a response to stress and injuries to the joint. The body recognizes things aren’t right, so it adapts by forming bone spurs to strengthen the bone. This comes at the cost of using your knees like you want.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Knee Pain

When should you see a chiropractor for knee pain?

As soon as you think something is going wrong with your knee. Ideally, before you ever have the knee pain in the first place, but as soon as you can. The quicker we can work on correcting that issue, the faster we can get you back out doing the things you love.

How do I know if my knee pain is serious?

All knee pain is serious. It’s not normal to have knee pain, but it is common. Ignoring the pain leads patients to start down the replacement surgery path, which we don’t want for you. Keeping you from needing surgery by maintaining all your original parts is ideal.

How can I stop knee pain?

Step one is R.I.C.E.

  • Rest – Let the knee rest from regular activity.
  • Ice – Ice for 20 minutes on, 40 minutes off.
  • Compression – Wear a compression or ace bandage snugly around the knee.
  • Elevation – Elevate the knee about your heart.

After you’ve done that, call Family First Chiropractic for an appointment to have your knee assessed.

Is it better to use heat or ice on knee pain?

It depends on how long the knee pain has been going on and what you are experiencing. A rule of thumb is ice for the first few weeks or when you notice swelling. Heat if the pain is chronic and is no longer swollen or inflamed. If you aren’t sure, ice is the best bet.

Should I exercise with knee pain?

It depends. Light activity (walking, stretching, knee-specific exercises) could help with your pain and shouldn’t make it worse. If you want to hit heavy back squats or do athletics, you might need to rest the knee and figure out what is happening before you get back into things. If your knee can’t handle that high stress, you might further your injury.

Content Written by Dr. Kelli Winarski | DC, Pediatrics and Pregnancy Certified, ART (Active Release Techniques) Full Body Certified, NBCE, National Board of Chiropractic Examiners Part I-IV & Physical Therapy
Content Reviewed by Dr. Collin Zeugin | DC, NBCE, National Board of Chiropractic Examiners Part I-IV & Physical Therapy

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New Patient Special

Claim our new patient special where the first visit fees ($49) are covered by our clinic and donated to local charities. Your first visit includes x-rays (if medically necessary), a neurological exam, and a complete consultation.

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